Analyzing an Advertisement

After examining a Volkswagon advertisement  first with amusement and then more carefully, it is clear to see all of the work and analysis that goes into creating an advertisement. Interestingly, the field of advertisement takes into account all of the elements of information design described by Peterson, satisfying the “aesthetic, economic, ergonomic as well as subject matter requirements” (Tech Trends, 40) to effectively convey a message to its audience.

The purpose of the Ad is, of course, to sell cars. In the version of reality depicted in the commercial, we see that having a Volkswagon with it’s remote start can lead to some hilarious family hi-jinx, perhaps to convey the idea that it is the perfect family car.  It is clear that the intended audience are middle-aged parents who can enjoy the antics of little Darth Vader possibly the most because, having children of their own, they can relate to it. However, the commercial plays to Star Wars fans, or anyone who appreciates humor in advertising. A big part of information design is communication, and if people remember a brand that put a smile on their face, they may transfer those feelings to the brand itself.

We get the most of the commercial through the eyes of a child, and at first, it doesn’t seem like a car commercial at all. However, in the end, we are let in on the joke when we get the parents’ perspective. This kind of leading on definitely made me watch the entire commercial, even though I knew it would be about a car. I was rooting for the child to finally get to use the force. and when he did, I felt victorious too. I think that following the child through his struggles is a smart move because it does cause the viewer to empathize with him. I think that this specific medium is the best possible way to advertise the feature that Volkswagon highlights in this ad: the remote start button. The same effect would not come across in simply print or audio. It needs to be an audio-visual experience for the consumer to really understand what is going on. Overall, I think the commercial is extremely effective in getting the viewers attention and ultimately consider buying a Volkswagon vehicle. The ad I’m talking about (worth the watch!) can be found here:



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