Mini Art School #4 Multimodality and Storyboarding

For this weeks art school, I mapped out how I want my multimedia project to look using story boarding. Each new box of the story board is a page on the website. I want to use Blendspace as a homepage from which students can access different pages and links they need to work throughout the unit. Blendspace allows teachers to put all of their links in one place and make it easy for students to access them. From here, there will be five main pages linked (Introduction, Digital Tools Tutorials, Readings and Videos, Samples of Previous Student’s Work and Discussion Boards), as well as a welcome video. They will be linked through individual boxes in a circular design that goes in counter-clockwise order in terms of chronology of student need.

By spreading out information on these different pages I hope to avoid clutter and unnecessary components in my design. I hope to make use of icons and images to direct students to where they need to go. I also want to use a number of charts and boxes to keep information organized and easy to read for students. By spacing the boxes out evenly I will create symmetry in the design.  Chunking the information and minimizing the amount of text on the page will prevent students from feeling overwhelmed by the webpage. My goal was to make it as accessible as possible to them. Sorry for the poor image quality!IMG_20160226_181547030

Here is my video for demonstrating and reflecting on the concept of multimodality as an educator. I tried to have fun making it and to include examples that illustrate the ways in which information can be communicated through many forms. I had some trouble with the audio, but I still like the way it came out. I hope you enjoy it!




One thought on “Mini Art School #4 Multimodality and Storyboarding

  1. Hi Jessica,

    Thanks for sharing BlendSpace with us! I’ve never heard of it before, and it looks like a really interesting resource for teachers! I noticed in the intro video I watched about how to use the site, that it’s as simple as typing in a topic and finding resources to drag and drop into a “lesson cube” of sorts… That sounds incredibly convenient and organized. I hope that for the purposes of this project, you plan to create several aspects of the “lesson cube” from scratch (screencasts, assignments, quizzes, etc.) for inclusion in this project, beyond the resources that other educators have created across the web (though a combination of resources developed by yourself and others is most certainly acceptable! No need to completely reinvent the wheel here 😉 I look forward to seeing how your storyboard as detailed above comes to fruition between now and the end of April. I think that viewing your first screencast update for the project will provide an even more clear picture of what it is you’ll be creating for the purposes of the MMP as well — looking forward to it!

    Your video on multimodality was great — I LOVED Mr. Balloon! Haha — simple concept but very well executed. You did a great job of combining multiple elements of multimedia to create this video – nicely done!

    Thanks for sharing with us!
    Prof L


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