Teaching Digital Tools: A Reflection

My final website for Teaching Digital Tools can be found here:


The purpose of this website is to supplement a reading unit on social issues in literature. It serves as a place where students can find discussion boards, tutorials for digital tools, multimedia resources and the instructions for their final project.

To make this website, I used wix.com. What I like about Wix is that it is the most user friendly site creation tool that I’ve ever used. It has hundreds of templates that can be customized for a variety of purposes. It makes incorporating multimedia, create multiple pages and design work easy. The only downside to Wix is that it often froze up on me. Because it allows you to do so much extensive work on the website, it gets overloaded and stops working. When this happened, I simply hit save, reloaded the page and it was fine. I would definitely recommend using Wix to future students, especially those who are new to using technology.

My advice to future students as they work on this project is to be creative. You can take a unit or lesson that had no technology in it at all and find I way to incorporate media and digital tools. When I revisited the social issues reading unit, I rewrote almost every lesson in a new fun and creative way. Using online learning is a way to make any classroom more exciting and engaging for students. Use everything that you learned in this class! So much of it applies to the final project as well. This is a real website that could be implemented in your educational setting, whatever it may be, long after this course is over.


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